Lillian – 38 months, November 2009

Lillian is learning how to trace letters of the alphabet thanks to her awesome pre-school class. She’s made a good friend there, Jeannine, who shares her love of dress-up.

Her new criteria for a good dress is if it twirls out like a square dancer’s skirt. We’ve had many battles over what she wears because all she wants to wear is twirly dresses, and of course, we mostly have pants for her to wear since it’s chilly. She also prefers night gowns to the usual long sleeve and pants PJ’s.

She is learning to pump the swing by watching the older kids at pre-school.

Lillian loves her little Ipod shuffle, and listens to it every time we get in the car. It also helps keep her quiet when I have to bring her along to doctor’s appointments.

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Lillian – 37 months, October 2009

We got many opportunities to put her Halloween costume on this month. This year she was a bride, just like Maria in The Sound of Music. There was the ballet recital that all the girls got to wear their costumes, our play group’s Halloween Potluck, Las Madres Halloween party at the Children’s Discovery Museum, the Halloween Party at NetApp, and finally, Trick-Or-Treating on Halloween. I don’t remember EVER wearing a costume more than once when I was a kid!

We went to three pumpkin patches this month – the one in Half Moon Bay with the Walter’s family, Pumpkins in the Park with some playgroup friends at the CDM, and in Petaluma for our Third Annual Pumpkin Patch Outing with Kristy and Nina. Lillian helped for the first time to carve pumpkins. She really didn’t like the feel of pumpkin guts, but tried scooping out the seeds anyway. We made an awesome statue of pumpkins, sort of like a snowman. It got many oooohhhhsss and aaaahhhhhssss from the trick-or-treaters.

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Lillian – 3 years old, September 2009

Vital Stats on 9/18

  • 29 Pounds, 37 3/4 inches, 50% for both height and weight
  • Wearing size 3T mostly, though lots of 2T things still fit
  • Size 8 shoes

Twelve of Lillian’s best friends along with Uncle Dan and Aunt Renee helped to celebrate Lillian’s birthday party at the Jungle! Very awesome party!

Preschool started 9/14 with Miss LaRose and Lillian has a great time. They play dress-up, do art projects, bring toys for sharing and of course lots of play. She likes to get all the girls together and play ring-around-the-rosies and they all laugh hysterically when they all fall down! She can pick out her name tag from the big pile of tags.

First trip to the dentist on 9/15. They were extremely impressed how co-operative Lillian was. They took x-rays and did a cleaning and gave her a new toothbrush and floss. Everything looked great!

Her new favorite game is “I’m the mommy and you’re the baby,” in which she switches roles and takes care of me. She is very gentle and tender, gives me sweet loving smiles and hugs. She will cover me up and pretend to put me to bed on the couch. Then she’ll go off in her toy room and sit quietly for a few minutes, just waiting. Then she tip-toes over to “check on me” and says, “are you awake baby?” We’ve played this game so much that it’s habit to have her call me baby and I call her mommy, even if we aren’t playing the game.

She’s hardly napping at all, just stays in her room for “quiet time.” On a rare day, she will actually sleep during this time.

We had a fun outing with the Walter’s family to Pastorino’s Pumpkin Patch in Half Moon Bay on 10/3. Bring on the pumpkins!!!! We’re looking forward to all the October fun!

The “WHY” questions have started…

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Lillian – August 2009

One Month Countdown until Birthday #3

Lillian talks about her upcoming birthday party with great anticipation. She’s all set to turn THREE, although she’s been telling people she’s SIXTEEN! Sometimes when we drive by the elementary school she’ll be attending, she tells me with determination that she’s FIVE now and needs to go to kindergarden. Soooo, I enrolled her in pre-school that will start on September 14th. Not quite kindergarden, but she’ll be able to feel like a big girl going to school!!

On 8/1, Aunt Mimi babysat Lillian while we went to a movie to celebrate Roger’s birthday. This was the first time that we had someone else put her to bed. All the times before we had her in bed before we left to go out. Lillian did surprisingly well (maybe not having a nap that day helped). She told Aunt Mimi at 7:15 “I want you to put me to bed now.”

Been going #2 on the potty consistently for two weeks now. I think we can safely say she’s potty trained!!!! Hurraaahhhh!!!! Still wearing diaps at night and naptime.

Lillian likes to look through her books and try to read the story aloud. Sometimes, she’ll make up her own story.

She has an imaginary friend she calls Baby Bear. She will buckle it in a seat next to her on a ride at Gilroy Gardens. She’ll also carry it around in her hand and talk to it a lot. Lillian still enjoys lots of pretend play in her kitchen and with dress-up clothes.

We flew to Seattle on August 28th for a quick weekend for Lillian’s Uncle Dan’s Welcome Home party. She was very well behaved the entire time and did a great job sleeping on the floor for the first time. She made a few friends that helped keep her happy and entertained – Aunt Renee’s nephew, Charlie, and their next door neighbor’s little girl.

Roger put up an HD antenna so now we’re watching some broadcast TV for the first time in years. We’re letting Lillian watch some PBS programming and she’s totally in love with Sesame Street and Curious George shows. Go figure!

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Lillian – July 2009

Vital Stats: 29.5 pounds on 7/11

Lillian got to spend a lot of time with her cousin, Katelyn, while she was here for part of the summer visiting her mom.

Lillian cleverly likes to make up names to sing to the “Goodmorning” song from the YMCA class 123Grow: some of the names sound like legitimate names in Japanese, Italian or Hindi – for example, Macini, Tajaki, Cwatado, Tintino to name a few.

We still are working on her manners, so sometimes she had to be reminded to say “Please” and “No Thank You.” When I tell her to do something, she is supposed to say “Okay, Mama,” but recently, if it’s something she doesn’t want to do, she’ll say “NO-Kay, Mama.”

Starting to play with her dollies more than her stuffed animals. She likes to undress them, tuck them in their blankets and give them bottles.

She has been phasing out her favorite lovies for the past month or so – the purple blanket and the little Hello Kitties are being pushed down to the end of the bed before she falls asleep. The past few weeks she’s given up with the Hello Kitties altogether in preference to whatever stuffed animal she was playing with most that day, and she wants her green blanket and no purple at all. It’s a really big deal because for more than a year, if she didn’t have her favorite lovies set up in a certain way in her bed, she would have a melt-down and wouldn’t sleep.

On 7/10 we got her a brand new bedroom set with a twin bed, big dresser and a nightstand. She was so excited to sleep in her new “Big Girl Bed” that she opted to go to bed before our usual night time stories. We didn’t have a side rail, so I put the old mattress from her toddler bed on the side of her bed in case she fell out during the night. And the biggest surprise is that she didn’t want any of her old lovies except the big pink blanket.

Just two more months before her third birthday…sigh.

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Lillian – January through June 2009

Vital stats: 28 pounds 6/09

1/15 Began potty training in earnest. No diaps except for napping and bedtime. Success rate – about 50%

Likes to describe things as Daddy size (big), Mama size (medium) and baby size (small) “Here’s the Daddy-sized puppy, the Mommy-sized puppy and the Baby-sized puppy!”

May 2009, potty trained with #1 during the day with very few accidents and she only wears panties during the waking hours. Still working on #2. I’ve stopped using pull-ups completely.

Can sing all the words to Mary Poppins songs

Loved her first ballet class. My favorite was watching her do jumping-jacks!

Developed a sweet relationship with Aunt Mimi during her short stay with us. She would love to play in her room sorting through all Mimi’s jewelry, taking pictures with Aunt Mimi’s phone, and getting special treats…Chewies!…aka Jelly Bellies. Now we are looking forward to having lots of Katelyn time, too!

Makes up words in her favorite songs, and sometimes in speaking too.

Starting to hold pens and crayons as proper as she can. She sings the ABC song while scribbling up and down in a line (so it looks like a seismic graph). If she gets to the edge of the page before the song is done, she’ll start the song over at the next line.

2 week trip to visit family in May. She developed a new appreciation for her toys from being on such a long trip when we came home

Likes to wrestle with mommy and give raspberries. She’ll flop down on the bed and yell “Tickle Me!!”

Wants to know what our daily schedule will be like. As she’s saying goodnight for bed or naptime, she’ll ask “What are we doing after my nap?”

She is very concerned about our well-being. Frequently asks “Are you happy? Smile!” and then makes a silly grin.

Hums lullabies to her stuffed animals and tucks them in her bed for pretend naps. She tells them everything we say during our bedtime rituals: “Goodnight, Love You, Sweet Dreams, Don’t get out of bed and no talking or singing” then gives the animal a big smooch.

If I call her a silly bunny or my baby, she’ll say “No, I’m a geeerrrrl!!

Naps are becoming more infrequent. It seems to be phases of great naps everyday, and then there will be a whole week where she’ll nap only once. It’s hard to predict what to expect!

Starting to get sassy and talks back. We’ve had to use a lot of time outs recently. Usually, after her second warning, she’ll behave.

Totally getting into dress-up and princess stuff is coming….

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Lillian at 26 & 27 months – 11/13 – 1/12

Vital Stats: 27 pounds on 12/29

Lillian’s first real participation in Christmas – she learned Christmas songs and her favorites were: Santa Clause is Coming to Town, Jingle Bells and Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer. She liked driving around the neighborhoods looking at all the pretty lights on people’s houses.

She was sort of scared to meet Santa in person, so at the NetApp Christmas party, she agreed to just shake his hand. By the time we talked-up Santa lots more, she sat on his lap and gave him a big hug. When he asked what she wanted for Christmas, she said “TOYS!”

I am excited to start traditions that my family did when I was growing up. On Christmas Eve, we read “Santa Mouse” and left out cookies and milk for Santa, a carrot for Rudolph and a piece of cheese for Santa Mouse. Then she got to open just ONE present – enough to get her excited for the next morning.

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