Time may change me

Yes. We’re expecting.

It’s a little girl, due in early September. Cindy is doing very well, and all indications are that the baby is healthy and happy.

Needless to say, we’re very excited. This is our first, and it took us quite a while. For many years we felt too immature, or too poor, or too selfish, or too stubborn, to even bother trying to have children. Then, once all that was out of the way, conception turned out to take a while since we had waited past what the “optimum” time might be.

We can’t pretend that this isn’t a huge change for us. Aside from our pets, it’s just been us for almost 10 years now. We’re going to have to get used to caring for another person, having another person be the biggest priority, and dealing with the issues that brings up, aside from all the other parenting issues.

I won’t deny that I’m nervous. Despites assurances from family and friends that “you’ll be a great dad”, how on earth do they know? I could turn out to be the worst one ever. Still, I have more information accessible to me than previous generations, which is a plus. Everything you find on Google is true, right?

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