Lillian's Journal: Week 1

Vital Stats

  • 9/13/06: 7 pounds 12 ounces; 20.5 inches long
  • 9/18/06: 6 pounds 12 ounces

Lots of fussing and crying. Not much would soothe her. Hard to put her down to sleep so we would have to sleep in the armchair. Wants to nurse hourly and always seems hungry. Often squirmy when nursing. She would usually fall asleep while nursing and I could snooze at the same time.
Alert bright eyes.
Loves looking at light fixtures whether or not they are turned on. Also likes looking at bright windows.
Doesn’t like to be swaddled, unless she’s full. She prefers to have her arms free so she can rub and hit her face.
Keeps her hands in tight fists.
Car rides put her to sleep.
First outing to MCN on the 20th – she slept the whole time.
None of her clothes fit – all too big.

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