Lillian's Journal: Weeks 11 & 12

Vital Stats

  • 12/5/06: 12 pounds

Giggles frequently and is almost ticklish.
She has better control of her head and neck – can turn and look in all directions.
Grabs and holds on to toys, blankets, clothes and hair (ouch)!
Tries to attract our attention with loud squeals.
Tries to hold the bottle while feeding.
Examines her hands and fingers very closely, when she is not sucking on them.
She is soothed by soft toys or Mom’s fuzzy scarf.
When on our back and holding onto Mom’s fingers, she can lift her head and shoulders, and almost pull herself up into a sitting position.
Spending time outdoors with us, at Van Damme State Park and the Christmas Parade.
First visit with Santa on 12/2/06.
Took her with us to a real sit-down restaurant for the first time after seeing Santa.
Rolled over for the first time from her belly to her back on 12/4/06.

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