Lillian's Journal 0.4

Recognizing the fact that we will not always be able to publish weekly journal updates, we’ll try to at least post a monthly summary of important things in Lillian’s life.

Vital Stats

  • 1/18/07: 14 pounds, 4 ounces; 26 inches; head circumference 42cm

Making all sorts of noises:

  • Shrieking
  • Babbling – lots of sounds like “baba”, “dada”, etc
  • Hums when being put to sleep
  • Also sings to herself

Makes loud fast breathing noises to attract attention
Stands up strongly with help from Mom & Dad
Energetically kicking, when laid down or in the bath
Can sit up well when propped up or in her Bebe Pod chair
Chewing and drooling on everything
Teeth buds starting to appear in her upper gums
Has discovered her ears and feet – holds her feet when lying down
Also discovered Mom & Dad’s ears, nose and lips
Has long hysterical laughing fits with Mom
Is not quite ticklish but laughs at raspberries on her tummy

Really enjoys several toys:

  • Her stuffed blue bunny is calming and helps her sleep
  • The crinkly pages book entertains her for long periods
  • She really enjoys her play mat with all the hanging toys
  • Grips toys firmly, and shakes them or chews on them


  • First overnight trip (stayed with Nate & Kristy in Sebastopol)
  • First visit with Grandpa and Grandma Weeks
  • Longest car trip – 5 hours each way to Sunnyvale
  • First time across the Golden Gate
  • First power outage
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