Lillian's Journal 0.47

No vital stats since there is no pediatrician appointment until March.

Lillian is really enjoying her toys that have rattles in them, and will shake them vigorously
Her fingers and hands are becoming more coordinated when reaching for things
Loves to reach for shiny things like the tv remote, cordless phone and Mom’s wedding ring

More sounds:

  • Starting to make “th” and “sh” sounds, almost in a whisper
  • Grunts like a cave baby when she’s bored or unhappy

Arches her back and grunts when she is especially unhappy
Holds her head up perfectly now with no wobbling
Loves to kick and splash in the tub
Squeals with laughter at Lucy, our dog, when Lucy moves or when she touches Lucy
Laughs when someone else laughs at her
Loves to play ‘airplane’ and be hoisted in the air
Spends longer periods of tummy time now, looking all around and holding herself up
Can turn over from her belly to her back, but not regularly yet
Breathes rapidly with outstretched arms when wanting to be picked up or when she sees her bottle and she’s hungry
Studies our faces intently and explores them by touching. Is fascinated by teeth.
Prefers to sit in her play area rather than lying down

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