Lillian's Journal 0.6

Vital Stats

• 3/5/07 15 pounds, 12 ounces; 27.5 inches; head circumference 43.25cm
• Wearing 9-12 month clothes size, shoe size 3
• Received her 6 month immunizations


• First tooth on 3/1, bottom left; second tooth 3/3 bottom right
• First solid food on 3/9 – rice cereal
• Sits by herself without support
• Plays peek-a-boo with her blanket

Entertains herself by blowing raspberries constantly
Makes fishy faces and puckering lips
Clucking her tongue
Can bring her feet to her mouth and suck on her toes
Rolls over from back to her tummy expertly
When on her belly, can raise her chest off the ground and push herself backwards
Makes lots of sounds: baba, dada, mama, wawa
Will sing to herself when she’s happy
Can pick up small items with her fingers
Really likes shiny things: a mylar balloon has been her favorite
Other shiny things like a remote or telephone fascinate her
Loves to sit and pound her hands on a piano or computer keyboard
Her feet and sides are ticklish and she laughs easily
She used to sleep through the night but now is showing signs of separation anxiety which is affecting her sleep
Has a worried whine/cry when we leave the room
Likes her rolling chair. She moves it around by hopping like a bunny
She will grab at anything that’s within arm’s reach. We’ve started babyproofing!

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