Lillian 0.8

Vital Stats

• No vital statistics since we haven’t found a new pediatrician yet.


• First time camping in the tent over Memorial Day weekend (of course it was in our back yard in Ft. Bragg…)
Inch worm crawling – gets up on tippy toes and flops down on belly to move forward 5/20
• Two new teeth, upper lateral incisors on 5/24 and 5/29
• Learned to crawl on her knees by watching Wyatt do it on 5/27

Sofa surfing – she uses the sofa or ottoman to pull herself up and cruises along the edge of the sofa
Pulls herself up to stand in the crib
Can maneuver from lying on her belly to a sitting position
Stands hands-free if leaning against objects
We joined a new playgroup in Willow Glen and met lots of babies her age
She knows her name and will look at you when you call her
She is starting to know the word “No”
Will give us a kiss if asked
Hums along with the piano
Pushes away undesirable objects
Mimics Lucy when she hears her barking or if you say “woof woof”
Imitates rhythmic banging
Wants to play close to mommy or daddy
Claps hands
Had to start serious baby-proofing the house. Suddenly toys aren’t as interesting as furniture or electrical cords. She especially loves to pull the DVD’s off the shelf.
Sampling lots of different baby foods

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