Lillian 0.9

Vital Stats on 6/12/07

  • 18 pounds 4 oz
  • 28 ¾ inches long
  • Head measures 17 7/8 cm


  • Extended road trip to Utah over the 4th July week
  • First time staying in a hotel
  • First time meeting the Weeks’ extended family
  • First time swimming!
  • New tooth, bottom lateral incisor on 7/10 – that makes 7 total

Zooms around the house crawling like a pro
Will follow us from room to room
Walks by holding our hands with a big smile the whole time
Loves to swing at the park
Obeys some words and commands – like ‘No,’‘Hands off,’ ‘Be nice,’ and ‘Come Here’
Understanding lots of other words like ‘Bottle,’ ‘More, ‘ ‘Fishies,’ ‘Lucy, ’Binki ,’
Waves ‘Bye Bye”
While sitting, she uses a scissor action with her legs to spin in a circle
Drinks from a cup
Sits down from a standing positon
Crawls down the stair of the sunken living room
Mimics more sounds we make
Hums along with songs on the piano
Can open drawers and cupboards
She likes to bonk her head affectionately with ours

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