Lillian 0.10

Vital Stats on 7/22/07

  • 19 Pounds
  • 29 Inches long
  • Size 18 months in clothes, size 4 in shoes


  • First steps alone on 7/14
  • First cross-country plane ride to New York on 7/31
  • First time in the Atlantic (she didn’t like it at all!)
  • New tooth, bottom lateral incisor on 8/11 – that makes 8 chompers)

Getting better at feeding herself Cheerios
Likes to roll around on the floor cuddling her blanket
Walking much better, nearly half the time by the end of her 10th month
Responds to music by bouncing, smiling and humming
Climbs up and down stairs
Helps to undress herself
Likes to play chase
Points at something she wants
Thumbs through a board book and babbles as if she’s reading aloud
Opens drawers and cupboards
Can point to her nose or hair when asked
Showing affection by kisses or a gentle head-butting

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