Lillian 0.11

Vital Stats on 8/17/07

  • 19 Pounds 6 ounces
  • 29 1/2 inches long
  • Size 18 months in clothes, size 4 1/2 shoes


  • First babysitter on 8/16 so Mommy and Daddy can celebrate our 10th Anniversary
  • First word on 8/19 is “Hat”
  • First trip to the Zoo
  • First time feeding herself with a spoon 8/28

She loves her books. She will bring a book to us to read to her over and over again
Laughs at the same part of the book at each reading
Walking all the time and only crawls when she wants to get somewhere fast
Can stand from a sitting position without support
Crouches with ease from a standing positon
Trying to climb on furniture
Says nummy-nummy-nummy when she’s hungry or if she want something
Says “Up”, “Hat”, “Apple”, “Hi”, Here”, and “Book”
Takes her toys out of boxes and puts them back in the box
Points out the nose, ears, hair and belly button on herself and others
Tries to brush her hair and mommy’s hair
Helps wash her face in the bath
Gives hugs and kisses on request
Waves “Hi” and “Bye Bye” regularly to people, rooms or toys
Spins in circles for fun
Likes to play games like chase and hide & seek

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