Lillian Is One Year Old!

Vital Stats on 9/19/07

  • 20 Pounds 4 ounces
  • 30 inches long
  • Size 18 months in clothes, size 4 1/2 shoes

We celebrated Lillian’s first birthday on September 15th. The party was a really nice affair, although she almost slept through it.
New words: “Airplane”, “Shoe”, “Nina”, “Sasha,” “Hairbrush”, “Cracker”, “Hush,” “Tickle,” “Icky,” and her favorite is “Belly Button”
Loves playing chase and hide and seek
She’ll trade a toy for something else she really wants…like the remote control
A new game for her is walking backwards and seeing what she can bump into
She loves dancing to any tune she hears (even to our humming)
She’s learning how to pitch a fit (ugh, already??)

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