Lillian's Journal – 13 months

Vital Stats on 10/24/07

  • 20 pounds 9 ounces


  • First molar cut on 10/20

Lillian and Cindy took a few days off and spent time with Nate, Kristy and Nina on October 4-6th in Sebastopol. We had a blast at the Petaluma Pumpkin Patch and I’m hoping we can make it a yearly tradition. The corn maze was especially fun, but I have to admit to using the map to find the exit (although only after Lillian was growing weary of being in her sling). Lillian is showing her independence and ventures off quite far, if I let her.

She is starting to develop a creative imagination. She will pick up imaginary lint and hand it to mommy. She will also practice eating with a spoon with an empty baby food jar. One of the funniest things she’s done is to pick up a square block and pretend it’s a telephone after watching me talk on the phone with Roger. She also knows when a conversation is wrapping up and shouts “Bye Bye” at the person on the other end of the phone.

Lillian can point out facial features, her belly button and toes. One of her favorite games is a rhyme we act out “Hands up high – touch the sky – Hands down low – Touch your toes!” She loves to do the “Itsy-bitsy spider” song and still puts on a big grin for “Pat-a-Cake.” She loves to dance to all kinds of music and her latest skill is giggling with delight while walking backwards. When she’s done with her bottle, she says “All Done” and hands it to me or daddy. She freely gives hugs and kisses – and wants to kiss every dog she sees.

Mealtimes have turned into quite a chore. Lillian is slightly anemic and since she’s off of formula, it’s more important for her to be eating foods high in iron. Some days she eats great, but others can be very challenging.

We have re-joined our playgroup so we have spent a lot of time at the park and making new friends. We have a lot of activities planned for Halloween, so we are all looking forward to it.

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