Lillian's Journal – 15 months

Lillian had a fun-filled holiday season with trips downtown to see “Christmas in the Park.” She received lots of gifts, but her favorite is the ABC foam toys. She has already learned several letters and can sort of sing the ABC song.

She is becoming more articulate and parroting nearly everything we say…so we REALLY have to watch our own language!

Lillian is getting more balanced and loves to run everywhere. Her favorite games are being chased and tickled, and bouncing on mommy & daddy’s bed.

She loves putting her hat and coat on because that means we are going out somewhere fun – usually to the park to play with her playgroup. Lillian’s favorite things at the park are the rocking horses, swings, and the slides. Her best friend from the playgroup is Annika and she repeats her name over and over and over….

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