Lillian's Journal – 17 months

Vital Stats on 2/12

  • 22 pounds 9 ounces
  • 32 1/2 inches tall
  • Still wearing size 18 – 24 month clothes. Size 5 shoes
  • Last count: 13 teeth

Well, she is officially not a baby anymore. We have moved her from the crib to a toddler bed. It has been the easiest transition for her! Just as long as she has her favorite blankets and stuffed elephant, she will apparently sleep anywhere.

Developmentally, she is putting 2+ words together for form sentences and says words very articulately – for example, she says water instead of wawa. She is understanding other concepts, too – she pointed to Annika’s mom and said “Carmen – Annikas mama.” Although she knows hundreds of words, her favorite is “No” even if she means “Yes.” She has also been saying “I Love You” which melts everyone’s hearts!

The Valentine’s party thrown by the playgroup was a great success and the weather was cooperative, too! Lillian spent most of her time on her favorite park feature – the sea-saw. She has played in the sand box recently – before she used to hate the feeling of the sand. Now, she likes to bury her feet and legs and wiggle them out again.

We met Nate & Kristy in Golden Gate park, and Lillian had her first ride on a carousel. She loved it so much, we had to take a second ride! She also got a real kick out of the chair-spinning toy.

We took two road trips, this month. The first to visit Tiffany’s family in Ventura (car sick again). Lillian and Tiffany’s daughter, Iris, became fast friends. Lillian pronounces her name “I-cee.” Then we rented a cabin in Yosemite so Lillian could play in the snow for the first time (no car sickness!!). We had gorgeous weather and there were hardly any crowds.

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