Lillian's Journal – 19 months

Vital Stats on 4/25

• 24 pounds 2 ounces

Lillian is wanting to help mommy around the house. She helps carry the laundry basket and loads the clothes in the washer – she’s so proud of herself and giggles and claps. She even tries to fold the laundry…

Her favorite thing to do is Bounce! She says “Bouncy Bouncy!” holds my hands and hops up and down. We went to a birthday party and she had a blast in the bouncy house! She can jump a few inches off the ground, too

First trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium on 4/11. She loved watching all the fishies and jellyfish – and was remarkably good considering she didn’t have a nap the entire day!

Lillian is finally being cooperative when it comes to taking pictures – of course, all I get is this really silly smile, but Roger says it’s genetic – he’s seen a pictures of me as a kid with the exact same grin.

When we are doing something she doesn’t like or if she’s a bit uneasy or scared, she says “Hug” and puts her head down on me. She’s also been saying “Sorry” when she does something she’s not supposed to – like standing on the couch. She says it with her chin down while giving me sad puppy dog eyes. Roger says she’s got me wrapped around her little finger! The other day, she told me “sorry” even before she did the naughty thing!

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