Lillian's Journal – 20 months

Vital stats on 6/11

  • 25.5 pounds

Favorite pastime: Hopping, bouncing and spinning. Also entertaining for her is looking at photos
Favorite place: The park with the Carousel (it’s something that’s sort of like bouncing with spinning, too!)

Learning colors – her favorite color is Pink…go figure! She calls everything pink.

Asks with concern “You okay?” if Roger or I cough our hurt ourselves. She’ll say “excuse me” when someone (or a toy) is in her way.

We spent four days visiting family in Utah – Lillian really enjoyed her time with Aunt “Kissy” and “Gamma.” The airplane trip was exciting for her and she behaved very well.

Lillian is amazing our friends with her language skills. She is starting to put 4 and more words together in sentences and can tell us “I want….” something. This has really cut down on tantrums, not that they were really bad, but I could tell they were going to start progressing if we didn’t work on communication skills.

She points out other people will call them either man, lady, boy or girl – and is nearly 100% correct. She also loves to discuss what that other person is wearing in detail – from their hat down to their shoes – “Blue Hat!”, “Red Shirt” etc etc. She really loves motorcycles & bicycles and will always point out when they are wearing their helmets.

She spent her first time at drop-off daycare while mommy’s at the gym. She didn’t mind it the first time, but the second and third time she got progressively more upset. Finally, about the second week she started not to cry as much and enjoy herself with the other children and toys.

We still have several playdates during the week to keep us busy. We are looking forward to having lots of fun outings this summer with the group. I have signed her up for swim lessons at the YMCA and she already loves the water.

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