Lillian's Journal – 21 months

Lillian is doing hand movements and singing along to her favorite songs, like the “Itsy bitsy spider,” “The wheels on the bus,” “I’m a little teapot.” just to name a few. Her absolute favorite song to sing along with is the “ABC song.” Everyone is always amazed that she knows her ABC’s and she’s not even two-years old yet! She usually recognizes the letters correctly, also.

She loves to correct us already. For example, when we come home and drive into the garage, I’ll say ” We’re home now!” Then Lillian will say “Actually, it’s the garage.” “Actually” is one of her favorite words right now, as is “Probably.”

If she is finished eating something but there’s more left on her plate, she’ll hand me the dish and say “Tomorrow” as in, i’ll eat it tomorrow. It’s really just a stall tactic, since she’s becoming extremely picky again with what she’ll eat.

She is annunciating better – says “Yes” instead of “Ya”

The biggest news this month is that she’s weaned from the pacifier!

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