Lillian's Journal – 22 months

Vital Stats on 7/31/08:

  • 34.25″ tall
  • 24 lbs 1 oz.

First time using potty chair successfully, twice in two days!

Lillian met her Uncle Dan and Aunt Renee for the first time on 8/10.

She came down with her first viral infection – Roseola. Three days of a miserable fever followed by a rash. She’s back to her cheerful self now.

She says “I Need..” instead of “I want..” She is also putting more and more words together in sentences. We are always amazed at what she says.

When she is proud of something that she accomplished (like putting something away) she gleefully says “I Did That!!”

Lillian sings to herself and makes up her own songs about the people she knows.

She recognizes places that we go to often. She’ll wave and say “Hi Library, Good Morning Library!” when we are a few blocks down the road from the building. She also can recognize Target’s logo from the freeway and waves hello to Target.

No less than 8 days of carousel rides this month. She’s becoming quite an addict to the “up & down!”

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