Lillian's Journal – 23 Months

Papa & Dianne’s visit for her second birthday

Lots of day outings this month: Capitola Beach (twice!), Gilroy Gardens, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Vasona Park, Train Town in Sonoma with friends Nate & Kristy.

We went camping for the first time at Stillwater Cove over Labor Day. We had lots of fun in-between sleep deprivation induced tantrums. It was impossible to get Lillian to settle down for naps or bedtime. We left a day early much to the appreciation of the entire campground!

Regular naps are becoming a thing of the past. Two to three times per week she doesn’t/won’t nap.

She put on her shoes all by herself for the first time 8/21 (yes, they were velcro straps, but still a big deal!)

She has fallen in love with Mary Poppins and wants to watch it ALL THE TIME…..

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