Lillian – January through June 2009

Vital stats: 28 pounds 6/09

1/15 Began potty training in earnest. No diaps except for napping and bedtime. Success rate – about 50%

Likes to describe things as Daddy size (big), Mama size (medium) and baby size (small) “Here’s the Daddy-sized puppy, the Mommy-sized puppy and the Baby-sized puppy!”

May 2009, potty trained with #1 during the day with very few accidents and she only wears panties during the waking hours. Still working on #2. I’ve stopped using pull-ups completely.

Can sing all the words to Mary Poppins songs

Loved her first ballet class. My favorite was watching her do jumping-jacks!

Developed a sweet relationship with Aunt Mimi during her short stay with us. She would love to play in her room sorting through all Mimi’s jewelry, taking pictures with Aunt Mimi’s phone, and getting special treats…Chewies!…aka Jelly Bellies. Now we are looking forward to having lots of Katelyn time, too!

Makes up words in her favorite songs, and sometimes in speaking too.

Starting to hold pens and crayons as proper as she can. She sings the ABC song while scribbling up and down in a line (so it looks like a seismic graph). If she gets to the edge of the page before the song is done, she’ll start the song over at the next line.

2 week trip to visit family in May. She developed a new appreciation for her toys from being on such a long trip when we came home

Likes to wrestle with mommy and give raspberries. She’ll flop down on the bed and yell “Tickle Me!!”

Wants to know what our daily schedule will be like. As she’s saying goodnight for bed or naptime, she’ll ask “What are we doing after my nap?”

She is very concerned about our well-being. Frequently asks “Are you happy? Smile!” and then makes a silly grin.

Hums lullabies to her stuffed animals and tucks them in her bed for pretend naps. She tells them everything we say during our bedtime rituals: “Goodnight, Love You, Sweet Dreams, Don’t get out of bed and no talking or singing” then gives the animal a big smooch.

If I call her a silly bunny or my baby, she’ll say “No, I’m a geeerrrrl!!

Naps are becoming more infrequent. It seems to be phases of great naps everyday, and then there will be a whole week where she’ll nap only once. It’s hard to predict what to expect!

Starting to get sassy and talks back. We’ve had to use a lot of time outs recently. Usually, after her second warning, she’ll behave.

Totally getting into dress-up and princess stuff is coming….

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