Lillian – July 2009

Vital Stats: 29.5 pounds on 7/11

Lillian got to spend a lot of time with her cousin, Katelyn, while she was here for part of the summer visiting her mom.

Lillian cleverly likes to make up names to sing to the “Goodmorning” song from the YMCA class 123Grow: some of the names sound like legitimate names in Japanese, Italian or Hindi – for example, Macini, Tajaki, Cwatado, Tintino to name a few.

We still are working on her manners, so sometimes she had to be reminded to say “Please” and “No Thank You.” When I tell her to do something, she is supposed to say “Okay, Mama,” but recently, if it’s something she doesn’t want to do, she’ll say “NO-Kay, Mama.”

Starting to play with her dollies more than her stuffed animals. She likes to undress them, tuck them in their blankets and give them bottles.

She has been phasing out her favorite lovies for the past month or so – the purple blanket and the little Hello Kitties are being pushed down to the end of the bed before she falls asleep. The past few weeks she’s given up with the Hello Kitties altogether in preference to whatever stuffed animal she was playing with most that day, and she wants her green blanket and no purple at all. It’s a really big deal because for more than a year, if she didn’t have her favorite lovies set up in a certain way in her bed, she would have a melt-down and wouldn’t sleep.

On 7/10 we got her a brand new bedroom set with a twin bed, big dresser and a nightstand. She was so excited to sleep in her new “Big Girl Bed” that she opted to go to bed before our usual night time stories. We didn’t have a side rail, so I put the old mattress from her toddler bed on the side of her bed in case she fell out during the night. And the biggest surprise is that she didn’t want any of her old lovies except the big pink blanket.

Just two more months before her third birthday…sigh.

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