Lillian – August 2009

One Month Countdown until Birthday #3

Lillian talks about her upcoming birthday party with great anticipation. She’s all set to turn THREE, although she’s been telling people she’s SIXTEEN! Sometimes when we drive by the elementary school she’ll be attending, she tells me with determination that she’s FIVE now and needs to go to kindergarden. Soooo, I enrolled her in pre-school that will start on September 14th. Not quite kindergarden, but she’ll be able to feel like a big girl going to school!!

On 8/1, Aunt Mimi babysat Lillian while we went to a movie to celebrate Roger’s birthday. This was the first time that we had someone else put her to bed. All the times before we had her in bed before we left to go out. Lillian did surprisingly well (maybe not having a nap that day helped). She told Aunt Mimi at 7:15 “I want you to put me to bed now.”

Been going #2 on the potty consistently for two weeks now. I think we can safely say she’s potty trained!!!! Hurraaahhhh!!!! Still wearing diaps at night and naptime.

Lillian likes to look through her books and try to read the story aloud. Sometimes, she’ll make up her own story.

She has an imaginary friend she calls Baby Bear. She will buckle it in a seat next to her on a ride at Gilroy Gardens. She’ll also carry it around in her hand and talk to it a lot. Lillian still enjoys lots of pretend play in her kitchen and with dress-up clothes.

We flew to Seattle on August 28th for a quick weekend for Lillian’s Uncle Dan’s Welcome Home party. She was very well behaved the entire time and did a great job sleeping on the floor for the first time. She made a few friends that helped keep her happy and entertained – Aunt Renee’s nephew, Charlie, and their next door neighbor’s little girl.

Roger put up an HD antenna so now we’re watching some broadcast TV for the first time in years. We’re letting Lillian watch some PBS programming and she’s totally in love with Sesame Street and Curious George shows. Go figure!

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