Lillian – 3 years old, September 2009

Vital Stats on 9/18

  • 29 Pounds, 37 3/4 inches, 50% for both height and weight
  • Wearing size 3T mostly, though lots of 2T things still fit
  • Size 8 shoes

Twelve of Lillian’s best friends along with Uncle Dan and Aunt Renee helped to celebrate Lillian’s birthday party at the Jungle! Very awesome party!

Preschool started 9/14 with Miss LaRose and Lillian has a great time. They play dress-up, do art projects, bring toys for sharing and of course lots of play. She likes to get all the girls together and play ring-around-the-rosies and they all laugh hysterically when they all fall down! She can pick out her name tag from the big pile of tags.

First trip to the dentist on 9/15. They were extremely impressed how co-operative Lillian was. They took x-rays and did a cleaning and gave her a new toothbrush and floss. Everything looked great!

Her new favorite game is “I’m the mommy and you’re the baby,” in which she switches roles and takes care of me. She is very gentle and tender, gives me sweet loving smiles and hugs. She will cover me up and pretend to put me to bed on the couch. Then she’ll go off in her toy room and sit quietly for a few minutes, just waiting. Then she tip-toes over to “check on me” and says, “are you awake baby?” We’ve played this game so much that it’s habit to have her call me baby and I call her mommy, even if we aren’t playing the game.

She’s hardly napping at all, just stays in her room for “quiet time.” On a rare day, she will actually sleep during this time.

We had a fun outing with the Walter’s family to Pastorino’s Pumpkin Patch in Half Moon Bay on 10/3. Bring on the pumpkins!!!! We’re looking forward to all the October fun!

The “WHY” questions have started…

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