Lillian – 38 months, November 2009

Lillian is learning how to trace letters of the alphabet thanks to her awesome pre-school class. She’s made a good friend there, Jeannine, who shares her love of dress-up.

Her new criteria for a good dress is if it twirls out like a square dancer’s skirt. We’ve had many battles over what she wears because all she wants to wear is twirly dresses, and of course, we mostly have pants for her to wear since it’s chilly. She also prefers night gowns to the usual long sleeve and pants PJ’s.

She is learning to pump the swing by watching the older kids at pre-school.

Lillian loves her little Ipod shuffle, and listens to it every time we get in the car. It also helps keep her quiet when I have to bring her along to doctor’s appointments.

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