Lillian at 25 months 10/13 – 11/12

It’s my favorite season, not only because all the trees are turning gorgeous colors, but because in October there are so many great events planned we can’t wait to have fun!

Playgroup field trip to Morgan Hill Pumpkin Patch on 10/15!

2nd Annual Petaluma Pumpkin Patch extravaganza with Kristy and Nina on 10/17!

Playgroup’s Halloween Party on 10/28 and Las Madres Halloween party at the CDM on 10/18!

Trick-or-Treating, of course on 10/31!

By this point, I am so burned out with Halloween, that I don’t even have the desire to carve our pumpkin.

To raise our spirits up, my younger brother came for a visit and Lillian got to meet her Uncle Tom for the first time. They both had a great time getting to know each other.

Developmentally, Lillian is still amazing us with her language skills. She says very long sentences and speaks most articulately. She knows all the words to many Sound of Music and Mary Poppins songs, as well as traditional nursery rhyme songs. Lillian also likes pretending to email on her keyboard or call daddy or papa on her toy cell phone.

Her eating habits are getting better, and not every meal is a fight.

She is also starting to get her 2 year molars in, so sleeping has been a struggle (mostly she doesn’t want to take naps.)

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Lillian's Journal – 2 years old 9/13 – 10/12

Vital Stats on 9/16/08:

  • Weight – 24 pounds 12 ounces (25th percentile)
  • Height – 35 inches (80th percentile)
  • Head – 19 1/4 inches (85th percentile)
  • Size 6 shoes
  • Size 2T in pants and 3T in shirts and dresses
  • Arms outstretched – 32 inches

We had a wonderful birthday party for Lillian on. Lots of friends and children helped to celebrate her special day. The fact that her Papa and Nana could be here for Lillian made the day extra special indeed! Everyone had fun with the bouncy house and ate lots of yummy cupcakes!

Lillian loved the Punch & Judy puppet show at the Renaissance Fair this year.

Singing full sentences of songs “Just a spoonful of sugar” and It’s a Jolly Holiday with mary

First real vacation (if we don’t count trips to visit friends and family). We went on a 7 day cruise to Mexico!! She behaved super well and we all had a wonderful, relaxing time.

Height calculators predict that she will be 5′ 7″ at age 21

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Lillian's Journal – 23 Months

Papa & Dianne’s visit for her second birthday

Lots of day outings this month: Capitola Beach (twice!), Gilroy Gardens, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Vasona Park, Train Town in Sonoma with friends Nate & Kristy.

We went camping for the first time at Stillwater Cove over Labor Day. We had lots of fun in-between sleep deprivation induced tantrums. It was impossible to get Lillian to settle down for naps or bedtime. We left a day early much to the appreciation of the entire campground!

Regular naps are becoming a thing of the past. Two to three times per week she doesn’t/won’t nap.

She put on her shoes all by herself for the first time 8/21 (yes, they were velcro straps, but still a big deal!)

She has fallen in love with Mary Poppins and wants to watch it ALL THE TIME…..

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Lillian's Journal – 22 months

Vital Stats on 7/31/08:

  • 34.25″ tall
  • 24 lbs 1 oz.

First time using potty chair successfully, twice in two days!

Lillian met her Uncle Dan and Aunt Renee for the first time on 8/10.

She came down with her first viral infection – Roseola. Three days of a miserable fever followed by a rash. She’s back to her cheerful self now.

She says “I Need..” instead of “I want..” She is also putting more and more words together in sentences. We are always amazed at what she says.

When she is proud of something that she accomplished (like putting something away) she gleefully says “I Did That!!”

Lillian sings to herself and makes up her own songs about the people she knows.

She recognizes places that we go to often. She’ll wave and say “Hi Library, Good Morning Library!” when we are a few blocks down the road from the building. She also can recognize Target’s logo from the freeway and waves hello to Target.

No less than 8 days of carousel rides this month. She’s becoming quite an addict to the “up & down!”

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Lillian's Journal – 21 months

Lillian is doing hand movements and singing along to her favorite songs, like the “Itsy bitsy spider,” “The wheels on the bus,” “I’m a little teapot.” just to name a few. Her absolute favorite song to sing along with is the “ABC song.” Everyone is always amazed that she knows her ABC’s and she’s not even two-years old yet! She usually recognizes the letters correctly, also.

She loves to correct us already. For example, when we come home and drive into the garage, I’ll say ” We’re home now!” Then Lillian will say “Actually, it’s the garage.” “Actually” is one of her favorite words right now, as is “Probably.”

If she is finished eating something but there’s more left on her plate, she’ll hand me the dish and say “Tomorrow” as in, i’ll eat it tomorrow. It’s really just a stall tactic, since she’s becoming extremely picky again with what she’ll eat.

She is annunciating better – says “Yes” instead of “Ya”

The biggest news this month is that she’s weaned from the pacifier!

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Lillian's Journal – 20 months

Vital stats on 6/11

  • 25.5 pounds

Favorite pastime: Hopping, bouncing and spinning. Also entertaining for her is looking at photos
Favorite place: The park with the Carousel (it’s something that’s sort of like bouncing with spinning, too!)

Learning colors – her favorite color is Pink…go figure! She calls everything pink.

Asks with concern “You okay?” if Roger or I cough our hurt ourselves. She’ll say “excuse me” when someone (or a toy) is in her way.

We spent four days visiting family in Utah – Lillian really enjoyed her time with Aunt “Kissy” and “Gamma.” The airplane trip was exciting for her and she behaved very well.

Lillian is amazing our friends with her language skills. She is starting to put 4 and more words together in sentences and can tell us “I want….” something. This has really cut down on tantrums, not that they were really bad, but I could tell they were going to start progressing if we didn’t work on communication skills.

She points out other people will call them either man, lady, boy or girl – and is nearly 100% correct. She also loves to discuss what that other person is wearing in detail – from their hat down to their shoes – “Blue Hat!”, “Red Shirt” etc etc. She really loves motorcycles & bicycles and will always point out when they are wearing their helmets.

She spent her first time at drop-off daycare while mommy’s at the gym. She didn’t mind it the first time, but the second and third time she got progressively more upset. Finally, about the second week she started not to cry as much and enjoy herself with the other children and toys.

We still have several playdates during the week to keep us busy. We are looking forward to having lots of fun outings this summer with the group. I have signed her up for swim lessons at the YMCA and she already loves the water.

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Lillian's Journal – 19 months

Vital Stats on 4/25

• 24 pounds 2 ounces

Lillian is wanting to help mommy around the house. She helps carry the laundry basket and loads the clothes in the washer – she’s so proud of herself and giggles and claps. She even tries to fold the laundry…

Her favorite thing to do is Bounce! She says “Bouncy Bouncy!” holds my hands and hops up and down. We went to a birthday party and she had a blast in the bouncy house! She can jump a few inches off the ground, too

First trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium on 4/11. She loved watching all the fishies and jellyfish – and was remarkably good considering she didn’t have a nap the entire day!

Lillian is finally being cooperative when it comes to taking pictures – of course, all I get is this really silly smile, but Roger says it’s genetic – he’s seen a pictures of me as a kid with the exact same grin.

When we are doing something she doesn’t like or if she’s a bit uneasy or scared, she says “Hug” and puts her head down on me. She’s also been saying “Sorry” when she does something she’s not supposed to – like standing on the couch. She says it with her chin down while giving me sad puppy dog eyes. Roger says she’s got me wrapped around her little finger! The other day, she told me “sorry” even before she did the naughty thing!

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